Honor Your Pet With a Special Cremation

Get pet aquamation services from us in Cullman, AL

Has your pet recently passed? Want to keep your companion's ashes close by at home? At HeavenLee Companion Aquamation Inc., we offer special pet aquamation services to pet owners in Cullman, AL.

Unlike normal flame-based pet cremations, our pet aquamation process uses water and potassium hydroxide to gently decompose your pet in an environmentally-friendly manner. This careful approach results in 20% more ashes being preserved and no harmful emissions being let out.

Our full list of services includes:

  • Private aquamation
  • Laser engraved pet urn
  • Communal aquamation
  • Eco-friendly pet cremation
  • Custom pet urns
  • Cedar pet urns
  • Contact us to learn more about our special alternative to traditional pet cremations.

    Why you can trust us

    We know how important your pet was to you. That's why we go above and beyond to treat them with respect during aftercare procedures, so you can remember them for years to come.

    You can rely on us because we:

    Have over five years of experience

    Provide excellent customer service

    Offer private aquamations and communal aquamations

    Can pick up your pet from your home

    Will drop the ashes off for you once we're done

    Work with vets to pick up pets being euthanized or that have passed at the clinic

    Plus, we offer free estimates and perform service dog and military dog aquamations free of charge.

    Remember your pet with a custom urn

    Want a special place to keep your pet's ashes? We offer custom pet urns made from cedar. Each urn can be laser engraved with information about your pet, including their picture, date of birth and date of death. We can also provide you with special ink paw prints and nose prints, as well as a lock of their fur.

    Call us to see what urns we have available for your pet.