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HeavenLee Companion Aquamation Inc. is a family owned companion animal cremation service located in Cullman County, Alabama.

We are the Lee family. My husband Shane and I have been married for 5 years and have 3 wonderful children, 2 girls Charlie Anne and Eliana, and one boy, Harper.

Shane is a mixed animal Veterinarian here in Cullman where he has been practicing for 14 years.

My name is Amberly. I have been a registered nurse for 6 years now with my latest focus being in Hospice care.

We spend our free time taking care of all of our animals here on the farm. We share our house with 2 cats; Steve and Kitty and 9 dogs; four Labrador Retrievers, Hershel, Duce, Simper and Ruger, one Collie, Callie, one Dalmatian, Brantley and 3 Great Danes, Tank, Cash and Wilson. We also have 15 cows, 2 donkeys, a sheep, a mule, 2 ducks, and an Emu.

In our combined professions, we really wanted to help out our fellow animal lovers with a process that everyone will eventually have to face. What to do when our pets pass away. Choices here have been limited to either burial at home, mass burial, or typical fire cremation. After learning about water cremation, also known as Alkaline Hydrolysis or aquamation, we felt as this environmental friendly alternative was something we wanted to offer in our area. Offering no fire, no loss of ashes, and no chance of cross contamination from crematory clean out, this method offers a more natural process resulting in solely your family member's ashes returned in a quiet, peaceful, and respectful way.

--Amberly and Shane Lee

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